The National Labor College, an AFL-CIO backed institution, is closing due to declining interest, some untimely building project expenses, and a failed distance education attempt. The closure is another indicator of big labor’s decline and a reminder that distance education isn’t an automatic panacea.

The college’s president, Paula Peinovich, said other colleges, especially small religious colleges, should learn a lesson from the Labor College’s demise.

Quoted in Inside Higher Ed (IHE), Peinovich said, “I think many, many small colleges that are supported by major social and religious organizations are learning this lesson: visions, wonderful visions that bring together the best for the institution and its supporting organization can be changed by time – time and tide.”

IHE noted that there’s another lesson Peinovich has: don’t build fancy buildings without a business model that works. “Don’t build a lot of buildings,” she said. “Hear me, hear me, Catholic college presidents.”

For the full story, see Inside Higher Ed, “Labor College, backed by the AFL-CIO for decades, closes because of finances”