Updated Nov. 1–I led a workshop at this week’s Transnational Association for Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) annual conference in San Diego on transfer issues and resources for dealing with transfers and graduate admission problems. Thanks to all those who attended and contributed to this important discussion.

The workshop explained how transfers between nationally and regionally accredited institutions should work and how to meet the challenge when they don’t.

The two sample letters attendees requested are provided below:

Transfer Advice to Students

Model Letter to Institutions Denying TRACS Transfers 

The six regional accreditor transfer guidelines are found at the Accreditation link.

Students and graduates of nationally accredited institutions frequently run into problems with admissions offices at regionally accredited institutions when trying to transfer or to seek admission to  graduate programs. The workshop showed how TRACS administrators can help their students overcome those problems and receive the kind of generally accepted professional admissions and transfer treatment that  CHEA, AACRAO, ACE, and the regional accrediting bodies themselves expect for the fair evaluation of all applicants.

It was good to see many of you at the conference and the workshop.  For those who couldn’t attend the workshop, but would like more information, please contact me directly at dratwood@nsa.edu. Thanks.