In case you didn’t see this week’s Time magazine (yes, that old medium) or’s “cover” story, “Reinventing Higher Education,” you may want to check it out.

It contains little that’s new or news breaking, but it’s Time’s admission that our current higher education system is broken and must be reinvented. Sadly, it is a bit like reading about the collapse of the Soviet Empire and Time calling for the rebuilding of the Berlin Wall.

In that sense, it is a good reminder, if you read closely, how liberals and pseudo-conservatives have managed to ruin our great academic institutions and intellectual heritage over the past five or six decades, and blame almost everybody else but those in control: themselves. Unfortunately, Time, its liberal editors, and their secular friends have no clue about how to fix the mess they’ve spent decades and billions of taxpayer dollars creating.

Survey after survey shows that critical thinking, complex reasoning skills, and writing abilities are largely MIA from today’s college campuses. A new Time-Carnegie poll shows that 80 percent of U.S. adults believe a college education today isn’t worth what students (or more typically, their parents) pay for it. And, boy, pay for it they do: students are now sitting on a $1 trillion debt-bomb, or more than the country’s total credit card debt. Students have become debt-slaves while acquiring the least valuable sheepskins in many generations. Even college presidents and senior administrators agree: 41 percent of those administrators who know the game up-close-and-personally acknowledge how poorly educated students are today at U.S. colleges and universities. Then top that off with today’s report from Inside Higher Ed that 60+ percent of American college faculties in 2012 are the most politically “liberal” or “very liberal” in our history, and you have a truly grim story of the collapse of higher education.

Higher education in America won’t rebound until we redefine the meaning and mission of education according to biblical principles, end government funding and control of the national higher ed system, and confess that Jesus is Lord of the universe, Lord of the academy. All else is fiddling while Rome burns and propping up an unsustainable system of academic folly doomed to collapse of its own weight. We need to reinvent higher education all the way back to its very beginning and restore the Christian vision and character of university learning in the paideia of the Lord.