Those of us who have been less than enthusiastic about the distant learning craze are not all Luddites, as the common uncharitable blowback suggests. We don’t all hate technology; we just hate bad education and the flashing lights, bells and whistles that disguise it.

Our secular culture’s idolatrous embrace of technology as the savior of whatever ails us is a fundamental rejection of the true Savior of the world and the fount of all knowledge and wisdom. Accompanying the spiritual blindness which embraces every new gizmo as a “must have” or “wave of the future” is often a flawed view of education.  Technolaters fundamentally misunderstand the personal and spiritual character of education. As Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life, said, a student when mature will be like his teacher.  The teacher, not the technology (including books), is the heart of genuine education (understood in the biblical sense of the paideia of the Lord; Eph. 6:4; Heb. 12).

Technology that supplements such faithful teaching and personal mentorship, rather displacing them, can be warmly embraced. But those who pledge their troth to every idol made by human hands by definition lack the discernment to distinguish between that which supplements the good, the true and the beautiful and that which displaces them.