An interesting, albeit unintentional, call for today’s state universities to be what they have always been at heart–jobs training programs.

Perhaps state universities (and those that mimic them) should simply eliminate the facade of  higher education and get to the heart of the matter of statist education. Eliminate the humanities and stop pretending to be educating students in what it means to be human,  citizens, community members, and image bearers of the Creator of the Universe.

Leave that to the Christian colleges, which honor the source of all wisdom and knowledge, which recognize that biblically understood education  is not about jobs,  and which honor the great biblical and classical tradition of raising the next generation in the paideia of the Lord (Eph. 6:4; Heb. 12).

See the full article at Forbes:  To Boost Post-College Prospects, Cut Humanities Departments.

HT: Jeff Perley